Critical Chain 2022

TOCICO conference about Critical Chain

18-19 January




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Second edition of the TOCICO conference dedicated to Critical Chain Project management (CCPM).


Critical Chain has enabled thousands of projects to significantly and sustainably improve productivity. 

Typical improvement ranges from 25% to over 100% increase in productivity and capacity. Durations and costs fall.  And due-date reliability hits 95% plus.

Join us to learn the method hundreds of organizations use to deliver projects...

  • less time
  • lower cost
  • Without compromising on quality or scope, and without changing their staff.



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Marris Consulting is present at this international conference dedicated to CCPM


Critical Chain in aeronautical maintenance (MRO)

The world of projects when every minute counts

A conference by Philip Marris

Critical Chain is already widely used worldwide in the maintenance (MRO) of aircraft whether commercial or military and has produced extraordinary results in Turn Around Time reductions and productivity. We will explain why this industry was a pioneer and share the lessons learnt by all the actors these past 20 years.

Conference summary

Critical Chain is now widely used in aeronautical maintenance (MRO or Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul / Operations). The United States Air Force, the largest fleet of aircraft in the world, is in the process of a global rollout and several airlines have adopted it throughout the world. We will start by presenting the list of the over 30 aeronautical MRO cases worldwide from the USA to Australia and from Brazil to France. 


We will discuss why the fact that it is quite easy to calculate the cost of winning or losing a day in the hangar has meant that this industry is leading the world in the adoption of Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM). In this business they know that gaining an extra day in their Turn Around Time is worth often of the order of $100K. They know better than anyone that time is money (or mission critical for military aircraft). CCPM and its proven results is therefore the obvious solution. 


We will share the lessons learnt by all the actors (not just Marris Consulting) these past 20 years. How the starting point is often that there are too many aircraft being worked on simultaneously (not enough focus). Why the planning and scheduling competencies must often be reinforced. How CCPM brings (as usual) exceptional visibility on the progress of each aircraft. Why the availability of the spare parts is (of course) a necessary condition for success. Why using “Work Packages” and 2-tier scheduling facilitates the management of the execution and avoids falling into the trap of micro-management. How the identification of “findings” (unplanned extra work due unexpected deteriorations) become even more critical (because everything else is going much more smoothly). How, as a result, visits are often cut into 2 stages; a first stage where you do whatever disassembly and tests are required to identify any “findings” and a second stage where you do the work. The differences when dealing with recent aircraft versus old aircraft. The limits of CCPM in aeronautical MRO (when the visits are too short and simple to require fully fledged project management). Etc. We will also mention several “common sense” solutions that become even more important when travelling at CCPM speeds such as ensuring that the mechanics always have a “full kit” to do their job (the parts, the tools and the documentation).  


A 30-minute dive into Critical Chain in aeronautical maintenance (MRO). The world of projects when every minute counts. 

Philip Marris Bio

Philip Marris started his Theory Of Constraints (TOC) journey in 1986 when he started working with Eliyahu Goldratt. He founded Marris Consulting in 2005.

The companies’ assignments are nearly always TOC based. He has implemented TOC over 270 times in over 25 different countries over the past 30 years. He has for instance assisted: McDonalds, Siemens, GSK, Safran and Ariane rockets. Half of Marris Consulting’s assignments are Critical Chain implementations. He is the author of a bestselling TOC textbook in French. He is bilingual and bi-cultural French/English and lives in Paris, France. Marris Consulting has extensive aeronautical MRO experience: Embraer, Air France, ABS Jets, Dassault,…