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Case study Critical Chain : Reduce downtime of business aircraft.


To capture an additional aircraft market to maintain, ABSJETS wanted to set up the Critical Chain to reduce its TAT ​​(Turn AroundTime). The scope concerned was the maintenance base and more specifically the C-Check (96 months) of Embraer's Legacy aircraft.


The deployment of the method aimed to improve the scheduling of work and the assignment of mechanics throughout the visit to provide the client with a more reliable response to the progress of work on aircraft.

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Presentation of the activity

ABSJETS is a Czech company of 200 people which provides business aircraft users with services such as private flights, management, handling and maintenance.


The main site is located at Prague Airport with a hangar for the maintenance base, a paint booth, a wheel and battery repair shop and a repair shop for composite parts.

"We firmly believe that the implementation of the Critical Chain will also benefit our customers, because it will help us reduce TATs" Thierry Barré, technical director of ABS Jets.


Detail of the solution provided

The different actions implemented:

  • Create work packages grouping coherent sets of work cards.
  • Build the typical task maintenance network for an aircraft (Choice of logical intervention sequence, resources etc.).
  • Identify the Critical Chain.
  • Establish critical chain reduction projects.
  • Update the schedule daily during execution.
  • Use and spread the Fever Chart as the main indicator of the progress of operations.



The implementation of Critical Chain Project Management to monitor maintenance visits to business aircraft has made it possible to reduce aircraft downtime by 30%. . Transition from a "C-Check" type maintenance from 7 weeks to 4.5 weeks of downtime.

Gain in serenity and clarity in the priorities given by management.


“When we implemented this project, we defined certain internal objectives that we wanted to achieve. I am proud that the work accomplished by our team has resulted in such good results. Not only have we succeeded in reducing aircraft downtime, but the Critical Chain has also shown a positive impact on safety and quality ", Thierry Barre, technical director at ABS Jets.


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Practical Case

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