Marris Consulting regularly organizes training courses dealing with the Critical Chain approach.

Your projects are often late or suffer significant budget overruns? You must often abandon some original specifications?

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), derived from Theory of Constraints, permits spectacular results, thus an increasing number of companies have adopted this projects management approach.


Companies using CCPM have accelerated by average 30% to 60% their projects, in a very wide range of sectors, such as New Product Development and aeronautical maintenance (MRO). Read more about our example of CCPM implementation on our webpage some case studies.

Marris Consulting has trained more than 6,000 people from very diverse backgrounds:

ArcelorMittal, Areva, Arkema, Autoliv, Bayer, Bosch, Essilor, Fresenius Vial, GSK, Infineon, Ipsen, Jaeger LeCoultre, Lilly, Merial, Novartis, Pierre Fabre, Procter & Gamble, Pyrex, Nexter, Safran, Salzgitter-Mannesmann, Schlumberger, Seb, SKF, Thales, Visteon, Yves Rocher & Zodiac Aerospace.

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Objectives of the day

To know the limits and consequences of traditional project management

To understand the principles of planning and executing projects with the Critical Chain approach

To have an overview of how to implement CCPM in an organization

Target Public

  • R&D Director

  • Technical Director

  • Design Office Director

  • Innovation Director

  • Project Manager

  • PMO manager

Any company with a project activity such as new product development, software development, research, engineering, maintenance and repair of materials ...

Online inter-company training

During the disruptions related to containment measures, our training continues online. We adapt the format of our training and its content to offer you online training sessions, consisting of 2-hour sessions per day over four days. find our online training offers (online or face-to-face depending on the dates) below.

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Initial Training

Discover the basics of Critical Chain Project Management

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Duration : 1 day*

Next session:
French (face-to-face): 04th of October 2023
English (online course) : soon available


> 950 € ex VAT

  • Limitations and consequences of conventional project management methods

  • Principles of project planning and execution by the Critical Chain

  • Implementation of the Critical Chain in an organization


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* take advantage of a promotional rate by registering for two consecutive training days

* Duration 1 day or equivalent if online

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Advanced Training

All the keys to understand and apply the Critical Chain

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Duration 1 day*

Next sessions:
French (face-to-face): 05th of October 2023
Enflish (online ocurse) : soon available


> 1400 € ex VAT

  • Advanced planning by the Critical Chain

  • Identification of capacity constraint in an organization

  • Managing a project portfolio with the CCPM approach
  • Lean Engineering, Agile and CCPM


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* take advantage of a promotional rate by registering for two consecutive training days

* Duration 1 day or equivalent if online

All our training can be given intra-company



Intra Training

The implementation of the Critical Chain Project Management begins with the training of your employees

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Duration 1 or 2 days, in French or in English

Dates to be determined together

Possible training in face-to-face or online


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  • Initial training on one day

  • Advanced training on one day

  • Possibility of performing these two days consecutively

  • The training can be adapted to your specificities
  • Training provided by an experienced senior consultant
  • Session limited to 15 people on-site

Content of the program

Initial Training

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Overview of Theory of Constraints


• The different components of ToC today

Problems and dilemmas of the project manager


• Student and calendar syndrome

• Parkinson's law

• Bad multi-tasking and resource conflict

• Syndrome of the strategic project

Multitasking game


• Discover through practice the effects of multitasking

Planning rules for the Critical Chain


• Rules for building a Critical Chain schedule

• Sequencing of the portfolio and strategic constraints

• Estimated task durations (50% and 90%)

• Identification of the Critical Chain

• Pooling of safety margins - Project buffer

• Avoid premature launching of projects

Planning exercises by the Critical Chain


• Identify a Critical Chain, size the buffers

• Video Tutorial

Execution and Continuous Improvement


• Principle of the torchbearer

• Implementation of new performance indicators

• Buffer consumption monitoring - The Fever Chart

• Dynamic arbitration of resource conflicts

• Buffer consumption analysis and capitalization

The implementation of the Critical Chain


• Real case studies

• The stages of an implementation: diagnosis, pilot, deployment



• Dare to finish all your projects on time!

• The constraints of a project and the constraints of the organization

• The obtained results

Content of the program

Advanced training


Download an extract of the training

Advanced planning according to the Critical Chain


Standardization of schedules

Recommendations for special cases

Critical Chain and Agile methods


Identification of the capacity constraint in projects


• Reminders of Theory of Constraints

• Tips for finding the capacity constraint

• Examples of capacity constraints in projects

Management of a portfolio according to the Critical Chain


• Limit the level of work in progress

• Sequencing of the project portfolio

• ...

Communication with the client


• Present or hide a Critical Chain schedule?

• Tips




Focused continuous improvement


• Build a sustainable continuous improvement process

• Know how to read a Fever Chart

• Tips for identifying areas for improvement




Critical Chain, Lean Engineering and DFSS


• Presentation of the three methods

• How to combine the 3 approaches?



CCPM software comparison


• Existing software solutions

• Tips for choosing the right software




• Doing twice as many projects twice as fast, it's possible

• Perpetuation of the CCPM deployment