Program and extract of Initial Critical Chain training

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Find below the detailed program of the initial Critical Chain Project Management traning session, and download an extract of the training.

Content of the training

Initial Critical Chain training


Download the training extract


Overview of Theory of Constraints (TOC)


• Fundamentals of TOC

• The different components of TOC today

• Interest in the Critical Chain

Problems and dilemmas of the project manager


• Performance of traditionally managed projects

• Student and calendar syndrome

• Parkinson's law

• Bad multitasking and resource conflict

Multitasking game


• Discover the effects of multitasking in practice

• Summary of the Critical Chain approach

Critical Chain scheduling rules


• Rules to build a dynamic schedule

• Steps of the Critical Chain scheduling: 

• Estimate of tasks duration / Deleting individual margins

• Taking into account the resources capacity

• Identification of the Critical Chain

• Start as lata as possible

• Protection of the project against variability thanks to buffers

Critical Chain planning exercise  


• Schedule a project, identify a Critical Chain, determine the size of the buffers

• Tutorial video  

Project execution the Critical Chain way 


• Relay race principle

• New performance indicators

• "Remaining to be done" estimate 

• Follow up of the buffer consumption - the Fever Chart

Overview of Critical Chain portfolio management


• The two types of constraints in projects

• Identification of the portfolio capacity constraint

• Start projects later to finish them sooner

• Portfolio staggering

• Dynamic arbitration of resource conflicts

Continuous improvement 


• Analysis of the buffer consumption

• Construction of projects feedback

• Identification of the action plan to improve projects performances

Implementation and references 


• The steps to implement CCPM: diagnostic, pilot, deployment

• Real case studies from various sectors and companies 

Download an extract from the Initial
Critical Chain Project Management training



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