Critical Chain Project Management


Philip Marris, CEO at Marris Consulting, host a conference on Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM). 


In this conference meant for begginers he explains the basics of Critical Chain Project Management. 


In this conference you will find:

An introduction to the Theory of Constraints, because Critical Chain is a component of the Theory of Constraints, applied to projects.

How to plan and execute a single project using Critical Chain Project Management.

Some advanced knowledge in the second half of the presentation such as how to manage a portfolio of projects or how to do continuous improvement in the project portfolio using Critical Chain. 

Some case studies of Critical Chain implementation in various fields.



  • Where does Critical Chain project management originates from?

  • How to apply this management method?

  • How to execute a project in focused way?

  • How do I apply critical chain to my portfolio?

  • When and where should I use it?

to discover more about the Critical Chain method, the good practices that come along with CCPM implementation or real case studies: