Critical Chain 2023 Conference - Boost the Engineering to Order with the Critical Chainain


Philip Marris, CEO at Marris Consulting, present a conference on the use of the 5 Focusing Steps to improve a project portfolio.


The 5 Focusing Steps is a continuous improvement method originating from the Theory of Constraints and applied to production systems.


Projects have two dimensions of constraints: 

There is the constraint of the project, its Critical Chain.

There is the constraint of the portfolio, a person or department preventing from doing more projects. It is the portfolio bottleneck.


The goal is to identify this bottleneck and to find solutions to improve the work environment to get a better productivity from it.


It is not unusual to have this bottleneck in the wrong place...


  • How to apply the 5 Focusing Steps to a project portfolio?

  • What results can be obtained?


  • Case studies.


to discover more about the Critical Chain method, the good practices that come along with CCPM implementation or real case studies: