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Safran: How to move 50 machine tools in 6 days?

Testimony of a SAFRAN group factory: Re-establish a machine shop in 6 days

During the Conference "The implementation of the Theory of Constraints in a Safran Electronics & Defense factory", organized on November 9, 2017 by Marris Consulting, Guillaume Brethenoux, site Maintenance Manager, explains how thanks to Critical Chain Project Management, a re-establishment project of a mechanical workshop, initially planned in 5 weeks, could be completed in 6.5 days.


Vidéo in French

Find the full conference on the Marris Consulting website


Through discussions with the various project stakeholders, and in particular with the project manager, the Maintenance Manager, Guillaume Brethenoux, Marris Consulting presents a project to relocate production machines using the Critical Chain method in a workshop machining at Safran Electronics and Defense.


Guillaume explains how a project initially planned in 5 weeks was carried out in 6,5 days.