Maximizing Client Throughput
in a Complex Tax Environment


Critical Chain implementation at TaxValet 


During the annual TOCICO (Theory Of Constraints International Certification Organization) conference, TaxValet, service provider that eliminates the hassle and stress of U.S. based sales tax for ecommerce and software companies, shared its experience with the Critical Chain Project Management approach.


Critical Chain appeared as a solution to their problem of integration of new customers: Onboarding; indeed, the Onboarding team had become the bottleneck of the company, limiting TaxValet growth potential. In addition, the Onboarding team managed both the integration of new clients and the accounts of existing clients, and as any new request was accepted, the overload increased on the team and generated: multitasking, reduced quality, high stress levels, longer delivery times, and longer working hours for the team.


In 2020, almost ¼  of the projects were completed in more than 90 days, and many of those projects were significantly later than 90 days (objective of the onboarding process).


Discover the results obtained after few weeks thanks to CCPM implementations and other small improvements that brought big results.






  • Reduced level of multitasking and stress

  • Better anticipation and visibility of projects going "off track" before they are actually late

  • Onboarding on-time delivery increased (>95%)

  • Reduction of onboarding lead time: most of the clients move through the process in significantly less than 90 days

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