5 cases of Critical Chain implementation


TOCICO, Theory Of Constraints International Certification Organization, organized in November 2020 a conference dedicated to themethod, Critical Chain 2020, bringing together a dozen testimonials from manufacturers who have implemented the method across the world.

Philip Marris, founder of Marris Consulting, was invited to share cases of implementation carried out by Marris Consulting.


Discover 5 recent cases of implementation in the conference video:


1) Reducing downtime of business jets maintenance within ABS Jets


2) Capex projects in a company of the pharmaceutical sector


3) Critical Chain on several projects (capex & MRO) in a gold mine


4) Mix of Agile and Critical Chain principles in a portfolio of new medical devices development projects


5) Put under control the projects of the world leader in vascular prostheses


To learn more about Critical Chain Project Management: