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CIRCOR - Results from the Critical Chain implementation on the projects portfolio

Circor facility at Plessis-Trévise, near Paris in France, has decided to implement on its portfolio of new product development projects and obtained excellent results, particularly in terms of time savings and meeting deadlines.

Michaël Benmoussa, Engineering Director at Circor Aerospace & Defense, explains why the site decided to use the Critical Chain to manage their projects.

Several concepts of the Critical Chain, and the Theory of Constraints, from which the Critical Chain comes form, particularly appealed to him: the virtuous side of piloting a project thanks to a buffer rather than by the end date, but also the notion focused task, which is fundamental.

Training the teams to these principles was the first step to raise awareness and enable individual and collective behaviors to change.

He was able to see many benefits from using the method: change of mindset and working habits, increased visibility on the progress of projects, projects more under control, simpler prioritization of projects. , etc.

In addition, thanks to the analysis of the Fever Chart, corrective actions are quickly identified as soon as the project drifts, which allows better responsiveness and limits the impact on deadlines.


Video available in French with English subtitles


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