Increase the rate of production of Ariane 5 rocket tanks by applying the principles of Theory of Constraints

In this interview alongside a main tank of the European Ariane 5 launcher, Christine Jauffret - Managing Director of EuroCryospace - answers questions from Selim Ben Mlouka - Manager at Marris Consulting. She details how her teams have implemented Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain Project Management.

TO READ:the details of the implementation in the EuroCryospace practical case

The implementation of Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain Project Management has allowed to obtain the following results:

  • Waiting time for reception quality control has been reduced by 85%

  • The outstanding bottleneck of the sections has been reduced by 60%

  • Financial results: the site went from losses to breakeven in 3 months

  • Tank delivery rate increased by almost 30 %