Conference - Increase the rate of production Conference - Increase the rate of production of Ariane 5 rocket tanks by applying the principles of Theory of Constraints

The aerospace market is booming and Europe is not to be outdone. The Ariane 5 rocket with its 79th successful launch in a row is one of the most reliable launchers on the market. However, increasing competition and market growth bring two challenges for manufacturers:


  • Increase production rates: the objective for Eurocryospace is to go from a demand for 6 to 7 tanks per year, to 8 tanks delivered per year, an increase in annual production of more than 30%
  • Reduce costs: the increase in production rate must be accompanied by a reduction in production costs of 5 to 10%



The site failed to maintain this rate in 2016 due to technical and organizational problems, thus falling behind schedule in deliveries. In 2017, the start of a project implementing the Theory of Constraints will make it possible to make up for this delay and reach the objective pace.


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