8 examples of Critical Chain implementation


Philip Marris, founder of Marris Consulting, shares 8 cases of performance improvement carried out in companies in a wide variety of industrial sectors. Marris Consulting helps companies reduce the duration of their projects thanks to the principles of Critical Chain Project Management.

This approach is part of the Theory of Constraints.


In the video below, you will find 8 very different examples:

1) Oil & Gas company with Engineering to Order products


2) Boosting Embraer's Bussiness Jets maintenance


3) Aerosud aeronautical Original Equipment Manufacturer


4) Luxury goods world leader New Product Development


5) Boosting production performance of the Ariane 5 rocket at EuroCryospace


6) A total plant layout change of a SAFRAN factory in 6,5 days


7) The development of satellites for a European space leader


8) New product development in the pharmaceutical industry


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